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Holistic approach to radiance uncovery about body wellness, spirit, soul, motivational history and poem snippets. My main focus is for us to discover our wonderful inner God essence and honoring it.

Sesame for Richer Hair

You have probably had sesame seeds on your sesame seed bun! You will soon see that these seeds are so good for us, there should be more people talking about it!

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My Hair Length Check!

It actually has been awhile since, I've done a length check, surprisingly. I have been focusing on healthy hair, which reduces some of my focus on length, for a little bit. I took a few photos in the wee hours of the morning (thus my tired eyes), bear with me until I get the hang of taking the back length. Left to right, goes from just washing to styling the next day.

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Inspirational Natural Hairstyles

Want to change up the styling routine? These ladies' vlogs are each very creative in their natural hairstyles. The styles are different lengths, so one should at least be close to your hair length. Happy styling!

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PH Balance to Welcome Softness Back

Adjust your hair products to see a difference in your hair. When I started pH balancing my hair, especially after washing, I noticed that may hair became strong (in appearance and the way it feels) and IT DRIED FEELING SOFT.

I believe that most black women that do not like to get their natural hair wet (or wash weekly) is, because after the hair becomes wet and then dries, it feels drier than it was before, if it's not reset with the right pH balanced products.

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