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A Natural Alternative to Silicones prt2

Mucilage provides “slip” that I need to smooth my hair slick while moisturizing and it helps me to ease those tangles right out. Most mucilage is also water soluble, unlike petroleum derived silicones.

 Top plants with mucilage:

Plantago Major Image Source:

Plantago Major Image Source:

Plantago Major Wikipedia Image Source:

Plantago Major Wikipedia Image Source:

  • Plantago major (different from plantain banana) is a herb that has many nutrients. It is a culinary herb and a medicinal one. "It can be eaten in a salad raw, or used in  tea for colds. The seeds contain 30% mucilage," this is what I would focus on for the hair. (Alternative Nature Online Herbal) I would brew the seeds in a tea ball, as I would for a cup of tea, add two tsps. vinegar, and use it as a final hair rinse or a refresher mid-week (I like to apply and twist up hair).
  • Okra (juice) is good for you inside and out. Even cheaper than flaxseeds! The sliminess of okra is that great mucilage. It is said that Cleopatra herself, ate them. It is a great detoxifier. Check out this site for its many internal benefits. For my hair, I would try out 6 pieces chopped okra in 1 cup water. You can use it as a natural gel or final hair rinse. I would also apply it during the day and leave in to dry. Check out this site, to make okra juice.

A fresh brew of nettle tea (this one I drank).

Nettle (roots, leaves, fruit) - I have tried the leaves and did not notice any mucilage, although the leaves still are nourishing to the body. I looked for information regarding this and found mucilage referenced to the roots. When I try it again for my hair, I will try nettle roots powder (in any plant the roots are full of nutrients - essential for plant's survival) or nettle fruit powder. Also see herbal decoctions to incorporate into hair regimen.


Internal Nourishment for the Hair

Nettle Tea Tea for dry hair (roots or leaves): 

I really like the taste of Nettle tea made from the leaves that gives a deep green chlorophyll color that is so great for the body. Chlorophyll is a detoxifier and energy giver (sunlight energy taken into plant). It is also found in leafy greens such as kale and collards. According to Live and Feel Well website, "Nettle helps strengthen the immune system, annihilating the predisposition towards colds. Anemia, fatigue, exhaustion and other effects of stress can be fought if we add nettle, rich in iron and mineral, to our daily nutrition or to the periodic remedies we undergo." It is also suppose to give you energy due to its cleansing effects.

The roots of nearly all plants contain the vast amount of nutrients because they capture, and take it in from the soil, to give life to the plant. There is also a Nettle Root Powder Treatment "against frail, dry hair," for 60 days, which I think is interesting. I would recommend that you mix it with water and drink it as a tea, because drinking and eating are the best ways for the body to fully take in nutrients.

 By the way, I've found Nettle at my local Co-op store in the bulk spices and teas section.


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Have you tried a mucilage herb, what do you think? 

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