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A Few Natural Things I'm Not Crazy About

I have tried many things on my hair and observed which ones do not work. Here are a few with a few reasons why. If you also do not like these, try the alternative!


  • Black Soap - full strength black soap used for shampoo

I like to use black soap as a body shower soap.  When I use it full strength as a shampoo, even adding oils and spices to it, still leaves my hair too dry.

Try instead:

 Smaller amount - The only time, I use it on my hair is to clarify once a month. I use a small amount diluted in oat milk to cleanse my hair. When I use it in a small amount, it works great!

Mud or Clays - There are many different types of clays and colors, such as Rhassoul, Kaolin, and Moroccan. It is usually mixed with water, and sometimes oils, and applied. When I get my hands on some of this, I will definitely be using it as a shampoo. I have read good things about the effects of clay. I will do an article on this.


  • Shea butter - hair butter 

When using this, I did not notice any significant improvement to my hair. I did not feel that it aided in preventing moisture loss, or that it even was absorbed into my hair. I have not tried shea oil though so I cannot speak for that. I would presume it would add a nice softening effect though.

Try Instead:

Cocoa butter - I like cocoa butter (apply melted), I like to apply this in a hot oil treatment bottle. I love the smell, although I find that it takes some time to absorb, so apply it during the day.


  • Castor Oil -  to seal hair
Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil

I had high hopes for this oil, I really wanted it to work for me, in the way of sealing my hair. I know that there are claims to grow your hair, I have not tried it for this reason, only because I usually do not get the time to apply it that frequently during the week to my scalp. I used it in the hopes of sealing my hair. The result I got was that it takes a day or two for my hair to absorb the oil. I presume that a small amount is absorbed, because when it takes this long, during sleeping some comes off on my headscarf and when wearing coats or shirts when my hair is down, it will also come off on them.


Try instead:

Grapeseed Oil - I have been using this frequently mixed with a little essential oils. This is a light oil that my hair absorbs very well.

Fruit Oils - There are many different types of fruit oils such as Apricot Kernel Oil and Cherry Kernel Oil. Try and get the unrefined, cold pressed ones, where the nutrients are not taken out and they are not cooked at high temperatures destroying the nutrients. These oils are usually light and very absorbent in the hair.

These oils also would be great in a body oil blend to use instead of lotion.


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Let me know what you think! What is one thing that you have tried that has not worked for your hair?