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A Look Back into History

Time to switch it up with an inspirational article. Have you seen some of the traditional African hairstyles? Our ancestors came up with some creative hairstyles! These styles also carry great meaning and symbolism to each tribe. It can represent many things from marriage status, wealth, religion, and many more things. 

According to Sylvia Ardyn Boone, an anthropologist who specializes in the Mende culture of Sierre Leone, “West African communities admire a fine head of long, thick hair on a woman. A woman with long thick hair demonstrates the life force, the multiplying power of profusion, prosperity, a ‘green thumb’ for bountiful farms and many healthy children” (Tharps and Byrd 2001)

In other words, guys subconsciously see us as being very fertile, when we have a nice amount of hair! I like growing hair for myself though, reasons to further be explored in the future. 

Conclusion, hair has always been important to us! Enjoy video and website. Let me know what you think on facebook or comments below.


Learn about different tribes in this great article that has more photos and information!

Source:  Trip Down Memory Lane


Natural black hair has been worn for centuries before American slavery and stereotypes were formed. Be inspired by our creative ancestors hairstyles! 


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What do you think about traditional African hairstyles?