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There's Power in Our Coils

Ms Nekhena Evans, further tributes and Image Source

Ms Nekhena Evans, further tributes and Image Source

Our black hair structure is so powerful, it is important for us to appreciate this, in order for us to be fully empowered in ourselves.

Ms. Nekhena Evans' book is so soulful. I remember reading it at a time when I was frustrated with my hair, because I was still figuring out the best ways to begin to work with it and not against it. I was considering hairlocking and read her book, Hairlocking: Everything You Need to Know. Although, I decided that it was not time for me to hair lock, I gained some appreciation for my hair. Here's a quote from her book:


"You are blessed with a body that can enhance your ability to absorb light, information, sound, nature, or simply put, life. People of African ancestry have an extra facility of telecommunication ability and power because we are blessed with an airtight coiling system (antennae) at our crowns, our pinnacle.  

Coiled hair and melanin skin makes the entire body a vehicle of absorption and perception. It can transmit and store knowledge from outside and within. We, black people, are in a deep spiritual realm. Don't let anyone fool you. Your kinky, knotty hair is not dead, it is alive, and it is a special blessing to you from the Creator."

Coil structure of power, Image Source Nanowerk

Coil structure of power, Image Source Nanowerk

Black folks who built the pyramids had the metaphysical understanding that all energy and power manifest according to its particular form or structure. These same laws apply to our locks. All energy is in the form of a coil and we have the coil in our hair naturally and innately. We have the same spiral as electricity, tornadoes, whirlwinds, DNA, and galaxies! These are all forms of powerful energy." 


I really like Nekhena Evan's perspective and knowledge that she brings to why we should appreciate our black hair type. No other ethnicity to my knowledge has this type of hair (with coils) that we have. Love and appreciate this and shake off the historical negativity, and move forward in appreciation of our inner queen. Live with vibrance!


Do you fully appreciate your hair coils? Let me know how your journey is going.