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PH Balance to Welcome Softness Back

Raw coconut vinegar

Raw coconut vinegar

Adjust your hair products to see a difference in your hair. When I started pH balancing my hair, especially after washing, I noticed that may hair became strong (in appearance and the way it feels) and IT DRIED FEELING SOFT.

I believe that most black women that do not like to get their natural hair wet (or wash weekly) is, because after the hair becomes wet and then dries, it feels drier than it was before, if it's not reset with the right pH balanced products.

How do you pH balance?

The pH that you are aiming for is between 4.0-6.0


PH Balance Harmony

Be sure you go from a progressively higher to lower pH. Ms. Audrey Sivasothy, author of The Science of Black Hair, recommends this. She says, Your conditioner should have a lower pH than your shampoo.  Follow up products after, should have progressively lower pHs. For example, shampoo 6.0, conditioner 5.5, moisturizer 5.0

In reducing the pH gradually, the hair gradually constricts, reducing hygral fatigue. 

Check out Audrey Sivasothy's blog to learn more about how our hair reacts to different pHs. She has a good pH video to check out!

If the product is an alkaline pH (between 8-14),

which is most common, to bring it down to a pH balanced for the hair, a small amount of acidity needs to be added.  Alkalinity is common because most foods (and water) are alkaline in their natural state (processed foods that become acidic changes this).


Make it more acidic

  • Any type of raw, unfiltered vinegars: Coconut (yes there is a vinegar), honey, apple cider, etc

          DO NOT USE WHITE VINEGAR, there is nothing beneficial in ethanol for the hair. Other vinegars provide extra minerals, including sulfur.

  • Lemon juice

 Add a small amount of acid to your products slowly. It is easier to make it acidic, because you most likely, will not want to water down your product to make it more alkaline.

Note: These acids are added in such a small amount that when they dry you CANNOT smell them. 


If the product is too acidic (like if you add too much between 0-3),

Image source from Red Line Endurance

Image source from Red Line Endurance

it needs to be brought up by something alkaline, like water.  


Make it more alkaline:

  • water


 How do I figure out the right amount to add? 

PH strps make knowing the amount of acid to add simple (since most products and water are alkaline). The price is not bad either, healthier hair and not much money spent.  Most sell 100 pH strips in a pack, which means this will last you awhile. I am always amazed at how a little vinegar, can make the solution very acidic, very quickly.

NOTE: for most Apple Cider Vinegar Solutions on the web for hair rinses: ½ to 1 tbsp apple cider per cup of water is too much for our black hair. It creates a very acidic solution, that can break down the hair, making it weaker. When you use pH strips, you will see the effect of just a few drops of vinegar makes (more acidic).

pH strips on Amazon

pH strips on Amazon

I am thankful that I do not have to have dry, brittle, hair after my hair gets wet and dries. It is a relief for me to know what to do, to avoid this. I hope this helps you out in growing your hair, too. Your hair can stay in your head, instead of snapping out from being dry and brittle and ending up in the garbage!   

ANYTIME you apply something to your hair, make sure it is pH balanced, and your hair will thank you for it. 


Are your hair products pH balanced? Let me know.