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Reasons to do Homeade

Yogurt and Molasses Co-wash

Yogurt and Molasses Co-wash

Yes I know, so little time, and so many things to do. We've all been there ;) There are benefits to making your own homeade products though, say on the weekend, when you may have a little time to make them. Then, you can use them the rest of the week. 





  • Generally the cost is lower, you can use your ingredients over a long period of time to make multiple batches. There is less scramble, because you are low on product.

  • You have the ability to adjust the ingredients to give your hair what it needs.

  • You can make sure the pH balance is right and reduce hygral fatigue on your hair (healthier hair).

  • Ok, this one may not be a big one. You can adjust the scent to whatever you feel like smelling! Essential oils do the trick! Adding essential oils to an already scented product, can turn out bad smelling or too strong.


One small con

One thing that can be noted as a con is that you have to pay attention to preservation, avoiding mold. There are different natural preservatives though, such as Vitamin C, rosemary extract, grapefruit essential oil and a few others. The amount you add is going to largely depend on the amount of water, the product contains. Or, you can use the fridge if you will be using all the product within a few days.


When you decide to make your own concoctions, you can do it however you choose, like buying shampoo and conditioner and making your own spritz leave in moisturizer and sealing it with an oil or homeade butter pomade. I have found that it is best for me to make changes one or two things at a time, instead of full blown, but do what suits you. 


Making your products can take time, adjusting (pH), and effort but there are many good things that it enables you to do in your hair journey.  Writing this article is giving me the extra encouragement I need to get up and get it done! Live with vibrance, y'all.

Any benefits I missed? Leave me comments to let me know.