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Ways to Incorporate Omega 3s

Flaxseeds a rich source of Omega 3s.

Flaxseeds a rich source of Omega 3s.

Since, I have begun to dedicate different Omega 3 food sources for different dishes, I have found that getting my daily intake in, has become a lot easier. Hopefully, this will help you incorporate more as well.








Ways I incorporate a few of my omega 3s:

  • Flaxseeds (Golden):  pancakes, waffles, baking in part for flour or egg quantity – add extra liquid usually ¼ cup to 2-3 tbsp flax meal is fine, sauces (fruit or savory)  

  • Avocados/Avocado Oil: drizzled atop salad or cooked beans and rice, smoothies.

  • Seaweed: Add it to any type of cooked beans (small red chili beans, lentils of any color, garbanzo) as greens

  • Toasted Walnuts/Walnut Oil: in baking in part for oil or butter quantity, smoothies

  • Macadamia Nut Oil: Mix with coconut oil to use as butter in a glass jar, smoothies, sautés.

  • Ghee: I use this one sparingly; it has such a distinct taste. It is so easy to make from organic butter! A tsp or so, mixed in cooked beans, sautés.

  • Molasses: Love it stirred into oatmeal or drizzled atop peanut butter and banana
Sardines contain omega 3s.

Sardines contain omega 3s.

  • Sardines: with crackers and mustard (mustard seeds contains large amount of Vit E, antioxidant against oxidation in animal sources)


Getting a routine down, helps me, in making sure I get my Omega 3s. Of course, any time, I want to change it up, I know that I can!


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How are you incorporating your Omega 3s? Let me know!