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Resources for African descent body, soul, and mind


Why MUST we know ourstory (not his-story)?

To connect with our African perception of the world, ancient wisdom, way of life, and vision our people had, we must define ourselves from ourstory. Every other group of people have, but most of us (African diaspora around the world). We must seek this life changing wisdom.

We must define ourselves because we will have the best intentions for ourselves, unlike what we are seeing worldwide today.


Physical Insight

  • Science of Black Hair by Audrey Sivasothy
  • Eat to Live (eat most nutrient dense foods, recipes)
  • African Holistic Health by Llaila O Afrika
  • Kemetic Yoga DVD
  • Heal Thyself by Queen Afua
  • Important Mineral - Magnesium (most of us are deficient)


Recipe Inspiration Sites

If you know any from African descent with healthy eating recipes on their website, let me know so I can add them ;)

Incredible Smoothies

DHealth Store

Simply Sugar and Gluten Free


Bikini Babes


Mental/Spiritual Insight

  • Awakening the black child's genius by Amos Wilson
  • Hidden Colors 1&2 by Tariq Nasheed
  • Kemetic Science of Prosperity


Youtube Videos

These people from African diaspora cover different areas in our lives that we need to be informed about to take care of ourselves well. Do a name search in Youtube to find out more.

  • Minister Enqi   (herbs, nutrition, politics)
  • Professor Griff(hip hop, our current wars)
  • Dr Jewel Pookrum(mind body connection, electromagnetic arena)
  • Dr Llaila Afrika(nutrition, male female relationships, white culture, black culture)
  • Dr Francis Cress Welsing (white reproductive struggles and their motives)

African History + Wisdom

Recommended Bookstores and Great Books