Roadmap Guide

Roadmap Guide to Good Hair

Hair Questions

1. Where do I begin to improve my 4c type hair? 

It is important to begin by building a hair care regimen (schedule "you time"), try to include: washing to hydrate, pH balance your hair products, condition and seal throughout the week, and make sure you are eating your Omega 3s daily (internal health affects external health). It is also important to experiment to learn what signs your hair gives when it needs something, in example: water, oil,  and/or protein. Cover those three and you are well on your way.

A big one for me was eliminating shampoos including black soap that left my hair dry. Co-washes usually work quite well for 4c hair.


2. What is a good way to detangle?

Wash hair in sections (prevent), detangle your hair while wet; this can be when you apply a conditioner wash (co-wash), spritzing with pH balanced (a 4 or 5 pH) diluted conditioner, or simply water pH balanced (a 4 or 5 pH).   

Also, I primarily detangle with my fingers while my hair is moist with water or warm oil treatment.


3. What are some good ways to style my natural hair? 

I begin with twist outs after washing, and frequently use a piece or two to have a few wavy tendrils hanging down or out in front to add to my style.  There are also MANY Youtube videos, where ladies have shared their hairdos, although I have a few favorites!


4. I'm transitioning, any ideas for hairstyles? 

Yes, updos! During my transition journey, I wore my hair up a lot, and looking back at my pictures, it made it hard to tell my length. So if it is really short and the short length is bothering you, because you are used to it being long, wear updos. It is also protective styling, keeping your hair from drying out quickly, promoting growth. Before you know it, your hair will be longer than ever!


5. What can I do to protect my edges?

There are so many ways they can get damaged, so be careful and aware. When you wash your face, be sure to add conditioner, oil, or butter around your edges to prevent it from drying and breaking. Also, be careful about shopping, when trying on clothes in the store try not to rip your hair out as you put clothes on over your head; you may also want to add conditioner or oil to edges afterwards. 

Be careful when picking out hair accessories to use, especially the hair bands with the plastic rakes. If you use one be extra gentle and keep a lookout to see if it is pulling out hairs, if so it may be time to give it away to someone with a different hair texture. 

Also, frequently pulling the hair back tightly can wear your edges out. Try to use other hairstyles.